Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lothagam, Central Island, Elia Springs and More.

Well, I can now say I've slaughtered and eaten a goat. That certainly was an experience. A lot has happened since I last posted. Unfortunately, limited computer use and unpredictable internet can cause delays, and I apologise for taking so long. In the end though I think that it becomes hard to draw ones self away from this place long enough to write.
We recently ended our geology course with Craig Feibel, coming away with enormous insight into the local geology and history. During that course, we took many fieldtrips, including a volcanic island in lake Turkana. the lake within it had the most emerald green color you could imagine, and the most salty and disgusting taste that you probubley would rather not. The point from which we left for the island is a resort called Elia springs. This was technically our day off, so we were able to kick back and relax for a bit here. Cold beers and relaxing water were memories that non of us will soon forget. It was like a little oasis on the edge of the lake, and we had a wonderful time.
At the other end of the spectrum was our overnight trip to Lothagam hill. Wonderful views were a staple and it had many. Amazing archaeology and burials were plentiful, but cold beers and water, there absolutely was not. At certain points along our trek it was if we were hiking across the Martian Tundra, with temperatures reaching at least 110. It was amazing, beautiful and deadly. I would not have given it up for the world. Maybe for a cold drink though. Sleeping out under the stars offered an incredible experience, to be sure and food and water never tasted so good as when you need it most.
Ultimately, our course came to an end, with Craig leaving and Cara Johnson coming in to take his place. In "Paleoanthropological discoveries of the Turkana basin" she and Meave leaky are teaching us about early Hominin evolution and history. So far, the courses are different, but informative and interesting. Our most recent field trip to Lothodok and Kalodirr, we searched for fossils along various rock formations. It really does put all these amazing discoveries into perspective, in that one must search in sun and heat for things that really do resemble small rocks. It can be very tedious and stressful, but always interesting for sure. If anything revolutionary turns up, then I certainly write about it. Hopefully Ill be posting again soon, so see you then!

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