Sunday, November 6, 2011

Is it November already?

My my how fast time has flied! Eight weeks seem to have gone by in the blink of an eye and before we know it there are only two more weeks left of this program. Today wraps up the last day of our fourth module, Human Evolution with Bernard Wood and as usual we learned a lot and laughed a lot. For any parents reading or any perspective students- we're all safe, healthy and happy. I know there has been some concern over our safety here at Kenya due to some incidents by the border and at Nairobi but rest assured moms and dads, we are far from those places.

Aside from that it has been raining A LOT here at TBI and I mean tons. At first I tried to keep track of the days that it rained here but now it's all a blur. On the good side, rain is actually quite nice here because we get cool breezes from it and lightning is quite fascinating to watch. On the down side however is that it interrupts with our plans such as today. After driving for almost three hours to a nearby town to do some volunteer work today we realized we couldn't because everything was simply too muddy to work wit,h and since the rain was not showing any signs of slowing down we had to turn back and spent another good few hours on our lorry, which by the way was quite an adventure. Imagine 30 people sitting in the back of a truck with rain coming in from all sides, but luckily we had covers that we could pull down on the lorry to shelter us so it wasn't too bad. What strikes me as amazing though was that although half of us didn't understand the other half, we were able to share this journey together. On top of all that everyone here is also very happy about the rain here because this region has been struggling with several years of drought.

Other highlights of these past two weeks include a class trip to the beach for fossil hunting (and swimming), helping paint a medicine dispensary for the villagers and well rain, rain, and lotsa rain.

Alex and Francis painting the dispensary.

Rain encroaching TBI as sun sets.

My bed had to be moved because too much rain was coming in!

TBI students enjoying tea on a cold and wet day.

Ken the TBI dog after having too much fun in the rain.

Kait realizing shortcut had been cutoff by the flooding river.

Class trip to the beach with Bernard Wood and Meave Leakey.

Grass on the beach? My first time.

TBI students taking a break from sitting in the lorry.

TBI staff members having fun chatting in the lorry over rain.

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